Colored Paper Napkin Definition and Requirements?


Colored Paper Napkin, as the name suggests, is a napkin with various colors printed on a white paper napkin. We are used to using white napkins, but it is a little monotonous and the color is not rich enough. Colored Paper Napkin is the sublimation of white napkins, allowing colorful napkins and dining themes to set off each other to create a colorful dining environment. 

Because napkins are closely related to people's lives and are involved in the service industry, the inks used are required to be safe, non-toxic, strong in adhesion and non-bleeding. 

Napkin printing was originally printed with grease ink, which is characterized by good adaptability on the machine, but the smell of the printed matter is particularly strong. Some napkin printers using letterpress printing technology try to use glycol ink (washable) to print napkins to eliminate the smell of the print, but this process encounters some problems, such as ink bleeding when the print encounters glycol Paper (the liquid spreads out or penetrates in the paper); in addition, the machine adaptability of this ink is not ideal, so the ink used by Dongzhong Media is pure vegetable edible water-based ink.

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