The Magical Use of Waterproof Bags


Waterproof bags are a very common daily necessities in our daily life. In fact, they have many magical uses. Let me briefly introduce them to you.
1. The first function of the waterproof bag is about the mobile phone. We first put the mobile phone in the waterproof bag, and turn the excess bag surface to the back.
Afterwards, you can operate the phone through the waterproof bag, and you will find that it is no different from usual. You can play with your phone safely at the seaside or underwater.
2. The second function of the waterproof bag is to deoxygenate and increase the shelf life of the food. First, put the meat in the waterproof bag
Then, put the waterproof bag with the meat in the water, slowly go deep into the water, squeeze out the air in the bag, and then put on the bag.
3. The third function of the waterproof bag is to hold the cream. First open the bag and put the cream into a washed waterproof bag.

Then, cut a small slit from the bottom of the waterproof to be used as an outlet for the sand cream, and then you can use this to make a cake 

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