Teach you to use kraft paper to make a "flower pot" that looks very advanced


Kraft paper bags are easy to find. Usually, bread and other foods are usually packed in kraft paper bags. Find a suitable size, cut off the opening, and put the plastic flower pot in it.
The next step is curling, curling, and curling. The beauty of the final product depends on this hemming step. There are no tricks, it all depends on the feel (so it is very important to have a pair of obedient hands!)
Note that when the height of the kraft paper bag is about the height of the plastic flowerpot, the mouth of the kraft paper bag should be slightly closed, which will make it more beautiful.
Finally find a piece of rope, tie a bow to the mouth of the paper bag, and you're done, isn't it easy?
Kraft paper bag decoration is a very popular cold wind recently, and it has a natural and casual high-level sense. The point is to make it simple, as long as you have the heart, you can have it~
In the same way, you can not only make paper flower pots, but also can be used to decorate bottle flower arrangements, or storage bags.
In view of the difficulty of controlling the size of paper bags, you can directly choose kraft paper and cut the size according to your needs. then--
Fold it, paper bag gentleman!
The last very important step is the soul of the kraft paper "flower pot"-curling!

How about it, do you want to be itching? 

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