Kraft Paper Bag


Kraft paper bag

Kraft paper bag is a packaging container made of composite materials or pure kraft paper. It is non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. It meets national environmental protection standards. It has high strength and high environmental protection. It is one of the most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world. .

Kraft paper bags are made of wood pulp paper as the base material. The colors are divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper. The paper can be coated with a layer of PP material to play a waterproof role. The strength of the bag can be made from one to six layers according to customer requirements. , Printing and bag making are integrated. The opening and back cover methods are divided into heat sealing, paper sealing and paste bottom.

How to make kraft paper bags

1. Small white kraft paper bags. Generally, this kind of kraft paper bag is large in quantity and widely used. Many businesses require this kind of kraft paper bag to be cheap and durable. Machine operated.

2. The practice of medium-sized kraft paper bags. Under normal circumstances, medium-sized kraft paper bags are made of kraft paper bags made by machine pasting synthetic type and then manually pasting ropes. Because domestic kraft paper bag forming equipment is limited by the molding size, and kraft paper bags The rope attaching machine can only attach the rope of the smaller handbag, so the method of kraft paper bag is restricted by the machine. Many bags cannot be completed by the machine alone.

3. Large bags, kraft paper bags with reverse heads, thicker yellow kraft paper bags, these kraft paper bags must be made purely by hand. The production cost of such kraft paper bags is relatively high and the quantity will not be large.

Kraft paper bag

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