Advantages of Colored Paper Napkin


Advantages of Colored Paper Napkin
Since napkins are closely related to people's lives and involve the service industry, the inks used are required to be safe and non-toxic, strong in adhesion, and non-bleeding. Napkin printing was originally printed with grease-type ink, which is characterized by good adaptability on the machine, but the printed matter has a particularly strong smell. Some napkin printers that use letterpress printing technology try to use glycol ink (washable) to print napkins to eliminate the smell of printed materials.With the gradual progress of ink technology, napkin printing companies have begun to turn to more suitable flexographic printing water-based inks, and they have felt the advantages of pigment-based inks over dye-based inks. In this context, flexographic printing technology has stepped onto the stage of napkin printing, and its main advantages are as follows.

(1) The smell is smaller, and it has good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.

(2) Reduce the phenomenon of ink bleeding. When some napkins are stained with beverages, the ink on them will smear white tablecloths or clothes, which will cause consumer complaints. The flexographic printing water-based ink contains resins and waxes that harden after drying. After the pigment replaces the dye, the bleeding of the ink is reduced to a minimum.

(3) Environmental protection: Because waste inks (such as water-based inks and solvent-based inks) can recycle pigments, water-based flexographic printing inks are more environmentally friendly. Because it does not produce VOCs, flexographic printing water-based inks meet the environmental protection requirements of reducing VOC emissions.

(4) Increasing the profit of the enterprise: reducing price pressure and ink inventory, which is very helpful to the operation of the enterprise.

Colored Paper Napkin

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