The material of the barf bag


Coated paper, coated with a layer of silicone oil (from the agent) on the PET, PE film is coated paper, coated paper is generally single-sided, the different formula from the strength of the different, the instrument test cocoa measured the degree of the type, such as 15G, 25G to 80G range, the smaller the value of the force is small, on the contrary, is large (or: weight). Manual test weight method is: take a same gumming paper, divided into several parts of the same size, take a few different drenching paper and glue each to each other, apply the same pressure, with the hand to peel test, carefully feel the weight of the tension. The strength of the peeling is the weight of the release, and the opposite is light. Therefore, according to the above explanation, the difference between the PET protective film of coated paper and the PET protective film of covered release paper should be on the bottom paper. One is a PET carrier, one is a paper carrier. If the shape parameters are certain, the two differences are reflected in the die-cutting effect.

Single-sided coated paper has milky white single-sided PE coated paper, light yellow single-sided PE coated paper, white artificial leather single-sided coated paper, yellow artificial leather single-sided coated paper, dark blue single-sided coated paper weight from 28-260 grams, only for diagnosis and treatment, food, waterproof, Waterproof, packaging, packaging bag making and other coated paper is a polymer material coated with plastic raw materials on the surface of paper type according to the flow casting machine. The main characteristics of this polymer material are oil resistance, water resistance (relative), and hot melting. Different main uses for different properties: when used to pack hamburgers, for its oil resistance. KFC is 80 degrees of food oil for ten minutes without oil seepage. When used for copper paper packaging, take its waterproof characteristics. When used in the full automatic packaging machine packaging, take the characteristics of hot melt. In 1979, German scientists research and development of the use of film trial theme activities won a special award in an international exhibition, the film caused everyone's general attention. With polypropylene or bottom pressure polyzene hand-woven cloth, after a unique processing process, the surface is covered with a thin 0.04 cm thick high pressure polyzene electrostatic film, then become a film.

Coated paper, also known as: PE coated paper, PE coated paper, single plastic coated paper, double plastic coated paper, waterproof coated paper, waterproof coated paper, PE paper, coated paper, coated paper types are divided into: single plastic coated paper and double plastic coated paper, single plastic coated paper: People also known as both sides of the film paper, because it is both sides of the film, is also a plastic raw material, so they will also call the film paper for single plastic film paper. Double plastic coated paper: we also called double-sided coated paper, because it is all coated on both sides, are all coated PE plastic raw materials, we will also call it double plastic coated paper. Film paper: Is in all kinds of bags in the case of box board in all kinds of bags will be hot melt on the PE plastic raw materials evenly pour glue on the paper surface, resulting in paper laminating, compared to regular paper, drench the membrane paper has the waterproof, prevent oil, etc, and PE plastic raw materials is a fibrous material, such as oil, waterproof, can be hot melt, But when it is used in different production and manufacturing industries, it has different characteristics. When it is used in the food industry, it will automatically take its oil-proof characteristics. When it is used for the packaging of coated paper, it will take its waterproof characteristics. Everybody master the paper is composed of lignin fiber, water imbibition is strong, therefore everybody master get damp paper also was afraid, and use the PE plastic film machine hot melt glue and paper surface evenly, after causing a thin layer of plastic film, due to the hot melt in the surface of the paper, paper and PE film can be combined with the strong is not easy to solve, And all the production process does not use hot melt analysis chemical solvent throughout the process, very ecological environmental protection, and in the second half of the production and packaging, there is no need for adhesive, immediately with this layer of PE film, under the hot melt sealing.

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