Airsickness Bag


Airsickness bag is in order to prevent cabin on domestic or international routes, some of our customers for airsickness or body unwell symptom such as vomiting on board, the airline in the engine room ready for passengers to vomit bag, to prevent passengers vomit vomit on board, in addition, can also be used for loading passengers do not need to junk.

The basic explanation

Airsickness bags are usually placed in the cabin seats or distributed by flight attendants.

1. In case of vomiting, tear the sealing mouth of the airsickness vomiting bag and it can be used for vomiting.
2. After getting off the plane, throw the airsickness bag into the trash can or the designated location.

Prevention of Vomiting
1. In the first night before the flight, should ensure adequate sleep and rest, the second day will have sufficient energy to take the flight.
2. Oral medicine for motion sickness half an hour before the plane takes off can prevent the patient from vomiting for 5.6 hours.
3. Seats that are far from the engine and close to the window should be selected as far as possible, so as to reduce the shock and expand the field of vision. Pay attention to keep the space oriented, the line of sight should be as far as possible, look at the clouds and mountains, rivers in the distance, do not look at the clouds near.
4. Patients should exercise as little as possible during takeoff, cloud crossing, turning, landing and major shock and turbulence. In particular, the head should be fixed and not rotated.
5. Avoid knee-jerk reactions. If you see any signs of vomiting in your neighborhood, leave the scene immediately and avoid your sight.
6. In the event of airsickness, be careful not to interrupt your concentration and keep your gaze focused under mild conditions. If it is heavy, it should be kept quiet and seated. It is best to lie on your back and fix your head. More serious, as a result of vomiting and body water loss, to supplement physiological saline in time.
7. To prevent vomiting, reduce fluid intake four hours before take-off and until landing.
8. About 10 minutes before boarding, you can wear the electronic anti-sickness and anti-vomiting instrument to Neiguan acupoint. There are 1-5 levels in total.
9, often touch your toes, twist your waist, stand up, so that it will promote blood circulation.
10. Flying for long periods of time can be dangerous for older people or those with heart disease, because it can cause blood clots to form in the legs.

On the plane, many passengers will appear airsickness, vomiting, stomachache, palpitation and other situations, some because of their own physical quality reasons, some is caused by improper diet. Here, the flight attendants remind passengers to pay attention to the following matters before taking the plane.

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