Colored Paper Napkin Type


(1) Colored Paper Napkin can be divided into cotton fabrics and chemical fiber fabrics. The cotton napkin has a good water absorption, strong decontamination power, stretching after ironing, good shape effect, but once folding, the effect is the best. Chemical fiber fabrics are bright in color, strong sense of transparency, and elastic. If the shape is not good, it can be shaped for the secondary, but the water absorption is not as good as cotton fabric.

(2) Colored Paper Napkin has two types of white and color. The white napkin gives a sense of cleanliness, quiet and elegant. It can regulate human visual balance and stabilize the emotions of people. Colorful napkins can render the atmosphere of the meal, such as red and pink napkins to give people a solemn and warm feeling; orange and goose yellow napkins give people a noble and elegant feeling; lake blue can give people a cool and comfortable feeling in summer.
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